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Pregnancy Care

What Services Are Available?

Prenatal care is the care women receive during their pregnancy. It is important for women to seek health care during the first three months of their pregnancy. Early and consistent prenatal care is essential to decreasing the risks of premature birth, infant death, and complications from pregnancy.

A woman’s health care provider will check her weight and blood pressure, and observe the growth and development of the baby. Pregnant women can choose either traditional prenatal care, or they can join our Centering program, where prenatal care is offered in a less formal group setting.

Women receiving prenatal care services are seen by board certified obstetrician-gynecologists and advanced registered nurse practitioners specializing in women’s healthcare.

Pregnant women needing specialized  health care may be referred to our High Risk OB clinic in Bartow.

Prenatal services include:

    • Physical exams
    • Prenatal education
    • Monitoring fetal growth and development
    • Pregnancy support groups

When & Where?

Please visit our locations page to view information on the location nearest to you.

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Last modified: August 16, 2013